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    Dan De Sousa

    Was born in Australia; at barely five years old he moved to Brazil, where he lived for about 12 years. It was there that he became a photography aficionado (all thanks to his mother). In 1999 he moved to New Jersey, ...... I guess he was tired of the Brazilian paradise growing up ...... you know; the sun, the beach, and the gorgeous women. In 2005 he moved to California, and throughout this time of moving between schools and work and more schools, and being in the military (yes! the military) he managed to squeeze in photography.

    He has taken courses and a few formal photography classes and since 2008 he has been at it, Semi Pro... if you will. From everyday casual photos to Underwater Photography, he likes to capture everything.

    He also likes to talk in the third person...(not really!)

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    I photograph just about anything. Although as a matter of personal preference I shoot portraits, nature and wild life, still life, and you can never go wrong with the classic black and white photography. If life is beautiful ... try looking at it throught a camera lens.

    Creativity is just around the corner, if you have an idea for a good shoot just let me know and we can make something happen.


    Adriana Gonzalez / Tegan Rowell / Vivi Giglio

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    Daniel De Sousa

    New Jersey, USA

    Mail E-mail: aperturebydesign@gmail.com